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I guess I should post these here too

September 15th, 2010

Occasionally, I write facebook notes, and I just realized I should post them here too for our non-facebook Box Munchers and Phil Landerers.

Here's the last one:

The Phil N Da Box Karaoke Show Podcast is the first stop on Aaron Abel's press junket. What's he promoting? Give us a listen and find out. We also talk about ketamine, the Lisa Simpson conspiracy, challah, birthdays, nerd revenge, simpler times, segueways, mosques, roommates, and our fans. And there's other stuff that we should probably be embarassed to have talked about.

To fully understand the rich, deep history of our show, you should also go back and listen to the early years.

In episode #1 with Sen, we burst onto the scene as enfants terribles. We were young and hungry. We were inexperienced and brash. We had the raw talent to pull it off.

Eventually, we developed our craft and our technical skills to a level that could match our talent and singular artistic vision. Episodes #2 and #3 with Pookie and Skehan are evidence of that.

Episode #4 with Jake Oliver demonstrated our further evolution as artists and, more importantly, as innovators, as we reshaped the boundaries of what a karaoke podcast can do.

Episode #5 with Delaney, Youngclaus, Oliver, Torrez, Nelini, and Tyler was our most controversial and avant-garde work to date. Although widely regarded as an unintentionally unlistenable show, this episode clearly bears the marks of masters who have become so familiar with the rules that they can brazenly bend them and destroy them, challenging society's concept of entertainment by creating anti-entertainment.

Many scholars describe episodes #6 and #7 with Ortiz and Aisha as "neoclassical" in that they are a reworking of the techniques and themes of the early canonic works. However, such a label is overly simplistic and completely ignores the new emotional breadth and depth of these episodes that have been created by more mature artists who are coming to grips with their mortality.

Episodes #8 and #9 with Berry incorporated new techniques that had only recently become possible with new developments in the fields of nanotechnology, biophysics, and physical education. We witnessed the line between art and technology practically disappear.

The podcast world waits with baited breath for episode #11 which is scheduled for release at some time later this week.